The Fruit & Veg City Story

Fruit & Veg City was started in 1993 by brothers Brian and Mike Coppin. Since the beginning it has always been a family business, with emphasis placed on good old family values such as wholesomeness, trust, honesty and integrity. The brothers’ vision was to create a store that would resemble a marketplace of old, where farmers brought their fresh produce from their farms to be sold to the public. This was how their first store in Kenilworth, Cape Town was run, and this is how every Fruit & Veg City store that has opened since is also run. The dedication to freshness at an affordable price has always remained one of the cornerstones on which Fruit & Veg City is built. Today there are more than 100 Fruit & Veg City stores throughout Southern Africa, and even as far afield as Australia. Yet, it remains a family business with brothers Brian and Mike still running the day to day operations of the company. Their vision is still visible in every Fruit & Veg City store, where freshness and value are placed at a premium.

The Food Lover's Market Story

The next step in the evolution of Fruit & Veg City was to create a modern eatery where food aficionados could indulge in a range of gourmet foods. It was this vision that finally gave birth to the Food Lover’s Market, a theatre of food that was designed specifically with connoisseurs in mind. The Fruit & Veg City team crossed the globe in search of the hottest international trends in food. They visited the United States, Europe, Australia and the East, and then brought the best elements of what they saw in there back with them. The result is the stylish and modern food emporium called the Food Lover’s Market. At the Food Lover’s Market, we cater for the discerning customer, the connoisseurs, the professional ‘foodies’ and, of course, our regular customers who are used to the exceptional quality and variety on offer at Fruit & Veg City.


The Market Liquors Story

Fruit and Veg City and Food Lover’s Market acquired a 50% stake in Diamond’s Discount Liquor in July 2012. In line with the Diamond’s Discount Liquor vision of becoming a national chain and its desire to align itself with a national supermarket retailer. Market Liquors was born.

Market Liquors compliments the unique Food Lover’s Market design. Product innovation and value for money underpin the offering to consumers. The Market Liquors Executive is headed by Paul O’Linn (CEO), CA(SA), Chris Steenkamp (Operational Director) and Janet O’Linn (Executive).

It made sense for Diamond’s Discount Liquor to partner with Fruit and Veg City and Food Lover’s Market, as MARKET LIQUORS will offer more convenience to consumers, affording them the opportunity of shopping for liquor when they purchase their groceries.

Market Liquors retail and wholesale both liquor and soft drinks. The Company prides itself on Convenience, Customer Service and Low Prices. Market Liquors is the place to shop or cater for a function. We have trained, knowledgeable staff, a 44 year combined track record and an excellent selection from which to choose.

With your valued support, Market Liquors will become a strong part of your community. How can we help you?

The first Market Liquors opened in Bloemfontein in October.

The FVC International Story

Our vision is to be the best import and export company in Southern Africa, offering a complete hands-on facility, and ensuring that our products are grown, picked and packed in perfect condition.

We offer customised packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Packing is done by our growers, who are all HACCAP and GLOBALGAP approved, as well as PPECB certified.

Over the years we have established strong relations with farmers who have vast experience in growing, harvesting, storing and packaging fresh produce for exporting. Our buyers oversee operation at the pack houses, closely monitoring that the fruit is packed according to specifications, and cooled at the correct temperature.

FVC international also has its own logistics company in partnership with two of South Africa’s largest fruit growers, which ensures that orders reach their destination in the shortest possible time, in perfect condition.